Alumni Tips: Great Research Takes Critical Thinking and Confidence

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Recent graduate Nicholas Rought (BSB, Human Resource Management) returns to share his thoughts on academic research.




An individual’s research method is a critical component in achieving the desired task. The effectiveness and efficiency of the research method can have an impact in an organization and in a student’s academic development.

I have found in my academic career that instructors are not looking to see the regurgitation of research but rather for students to tie the research to their own critically thought out ideas. Too many citations within a piece can actually hurt your chances of showing your instructor what you have learned. Research is more than just finding exactly what you are looking for to prove your own point; it is to guide you to come to your own conclusions with the help of different perspectives, forming your own interpretations and solutions to the variety of issues.

This process can be very frustrating and shaping your paper/project in the way you envision it can be an issue all in itself. That is why allowing yourself enough time to gather the necessary information can play a tremendous role in research growth. Don’t try to complete the entire project and paper in one day—that’s reckless and will only be toxic to your goals. Likewise, to help meet deadlines, there are more than enough resources at Excelsior College that can help you finish in a timely manner and even become a more effective writer, and they are free!

Whenever completing a paper or a project, self-confidence can sometimes be a deciding factor in success. If you do not believe in what you are discussing or if you do not take interest in the topic, efficacy can be low. Believe in what you are writing about and there will be a difference in the tone within your paper/project.

I believe in the statement, “knowledge is power.”  With knowledge, you can go where you want to go and do everything you’ve ever wanted to do, and it all starts with research.



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