Behind the scenes: Exploring careers & experiences working in higher education with Terry Brown

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Have you ever thought about working in higher education? Excelsior Life sat down with Terry Brown, who has worked for the College for over 30 years. Brown shares her experience, memories, and reason for considering a career path in higher education.

Terry BrownExcelsior Life: When did you originally start working for the College?

Brown: I started working at Excelsior College (then Regents) on March 4, 1985.

Excelsior Life: What did your first job at the College entail?

Brown: My first job was as a technology academic advisor. The position, at that time, was similar to our present admissions counselors. I answered questions and did unofficial evaluations for prospective students as well as helped them determine the best technology degrees for their situations. I also traveled military bases, community colleges and nuclear utilities, giving presentations and answering questions about our technology degree programs.

Excelsior Life: Explain how your job has transitioned over time.

Brown: The positions of academic advisor and transcript evaluator were merged. This position allowed me to provide academic advisement to enrolled technology students and conduct official transcript evaluations for them.

In the year 2000, in addition to still being a technology academic advisor, I became the first team leader for the technology degrees and supervised the work of the technology advisors. I was also in the first group of academic advisors to be promoted to senior academic advisor.

In 2007, I became academic evaluation specialist and was the academic advisor for our employees. In this role, I also reviewed and approved graduates for the business and technology degree programs and supervised the work of business and technology advisors. In 2011, the title of this position was changed to assistant director of advisement & evaluation.

In 2015, I was promoted to director of advisement & evaluation to supervise the School of Business and Technology advisors and support staff.

Excelsior Life: What is one of the best things about working in higher education and for Excelsior College?

Brown: Helping adults who have had difficulties or have needed to delay their education to reach their goals. One of the best things about working for Excelsior College is working with such a caring group of people.

Excelsior Life: Do you have any favorite memories that you’d like to share?

Brown: One of my favorite memories is when our Bachelor of Science in electronics technology and Bachelor of Science in nuclear technology received the ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) accreditation for the first time.

Another favorite memory of mine is when we flew the Japanese lanterns out in the parking lot. What a fiasco and what fun!

Excelsior Life: Do you have any advice you could give to someone who is working toward a career in higher education?

Brown: Yes, I would tell them to enjoy the ride! It goes by quickly.


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