Cancer experience influences student to write book and pursue holistic healing/oncology independent study

Lucinda “Cindy” Rost was diagnosed with cancer in 2012, and was told by her doctor that she needed to make her healing her full-time job.  Rost immediately left her career as a CEO of a government contracting company and obeyed the doctor’s orders.  Regaining her health, she became cancer-free in 2015, and as part of her healing process, she decided to pursue a master’s degree.

“When my doctor told me to make my healing a full time job, I began researching everything I could,” Rost said. “Since I had been wanting to pursue my master’s for quite some time, I realized I could use my research for both my personal healing as well as supporting my graduate degree with the information I had learned.”

Alyssa, Cindy, Chad
Cindy (middle) with her two children, Alyssa (left) and Chad (right)

Rost lives in Arizona with her two adult children.  A veteran of the U.S. Army, she retired after 22 years in 2006 from active duty as a sergeant major.  During her time in the service, she earned a bachelor of science degree in 2002.  Then, beginning in February 2015, Rost began to pursue a master of arts in liberal studies degree full-time at her alma mater, Excelsior College.  “Since I had already completed my bachelor degree with Excelsior and the faculty was very helpful in allowing me to create a study program that accommodated my interests, it made it easy for me to select Excelsior,” Rost admits. Utilizing an independent learning contract, Rost, with the help of Excelsior, developed her own integrated oncology track.  “Once I began my degree, the academic process enhanced my knowledge and focus and added even more benefit to my healing experience,” Rost explains. As part of the degree requirements, she’s also taken courses in liberal sciences, public health, health sciences, and anatomy and physiology.

“My main focus is on my personal healing and how the body heals in general,” said Rost.  “By learning about healing in my master’s degree program, I will be able to help others as a health consultant and counselor.”

With Rost’s interest and robust knowledge of holistic healing, a degree in health sciences might seem a more likely choice.  But Rost explains, “This is a sociological issue. Cancer is an epidemic and everyone is affected.  It affects every level of subject matter in liberal sciences.  The greatest challenge for me beyond my healing now, is to fine tune my [thesis] prospectus in my degree program.”

Rost isn’t content to keep her experience with cancer and healing to herself and her degree program. In fact, she was inspired to write about her experiences with overcoming her illness and healing, and she released her first book on February 4, 2016, World Cancer Day.  Awakened By Cancer: Learning the ABCs to Healing (Emotional Healing, Volume 1) is a reflection about her trials and tribulations, hopes and fears, tears and laughter, defeat and victories in dealing with cancer.  “I believe that healing is of the mind, body and spirit.  In my experience, emotional healing is seldom addressed in the research I came across,” she explains.  Rost plans to release more books in the future regarding topics on supplemental healing, diet and exercise, and homeopathic remedies for cancer.  To learn more about Rost’s experiences, visit her blog, You can also order her book through Amazon or Createspace.

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