Career advice: It takes just six seconds…

According to a 2012 report by, a recruiter spends about six seconds reviewing a job applicant resume (Keeping an Eye on Recruiter Behavior, 2012).  As an applicant, you don’t have much time to grab their attention.  Writing a killer resume can be challenging. You have to sell yourself on paper, not just to a potential new supervisor, but also to the search committee who is screening your resume. Search committees are usually hardworking groups who look at resumes and must quickly make next-round decisions, separating resumes into two stacks, next-round and eliminated.

During my 15 years as an IT executive, I’ve sat on search committees and reviewed numerous resumes both as a technology executive building robust teams with qualified people and as a resume consultant through my nonprofit organization, CHECS (Center for Higher Education Chief Information Officer Studies, While reviewing resumes, I often see common mistakes among those individuals who want to take the career-advancing step from a technology director role to the chief information officer (CIO) leading a department at a college or university. Here are my top six strategies to strengthen a resume.

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