Celebrate Diversity Month with Tammy, Toby and Peter

April is Celebrate Diversity Month. As part of Excelsior College’s culture, staff volunteers appointed by the college president participate in the President’s Committee on Inclusion (PCI) which provides educational programs to enhance a multicultural and inclusive environment. The committee also promotes awareness programs to enrich the working and learning environment of the Excelsior College Community at large. During each Monday in April, Excelsior College employees explained what diversity and inclusion means to them. Today, Excelsior Life introduces Tammy, Toby, and Peter.

Tammy Parsons

“When we think of diversity, we think of race and diversity, and it is so much more than race. I think diversity is really where you have a variety of different ideas and opinions from people from various walks of life. Staff has been more comfortable in communicating and sharing the various thoughts and ideas that they have. I think the environment has changed it is more of a welcoming environment.”

Tammy Parsons, academic advisor, School of Nursing


Toby Hamlin

“In the context of the workplace, diversity means having a variety of staff on board.  But for diversity to be most effective, it’s important to also have an inclusive business culture.  Inclusion enables the organization to take advantage of and tap into the different perspectives and experiences that come with diversity.  It’s a must for today’s globally competitive market.”

Toby  Hamlin, diversity coordinator/executive assistant
to the Vice President for Human Resources at Excelsior College

Peter O’Brien

“I have noticed that the college has using a widened lens to define what diversity and inclusion means for the campus. As part of the PCI and the college’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, we have recognized the ability of academic advisors, of our support staff and staff throughout the institution to help program and help respond to students needs, whether they are in a residential area, whether they are in military, whether they are not native English speakers and I think that is one of the best things that I have noticed come out of the PCI and the college over the last 10 years.”

Peter O’Brien, instructional designer, COELAS


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