Celebrate Diversity Month with Gretchen, Matthew, and Sarah

April is Celebrate Diversity Month. As part of Excelsior College’s culture, staff volunteers appointed by the college president participate in the President’s Committee on Inclusion (PCI) which provides educational programs to enhance a multicultural and inclusive environment. The committee also promotes awareness programs to enrich the working and learning environment of the Excelsior College Community at large. Each Monday in April, Excelsior College employees will explain what diversity and inclusion means to them. 

Today, Excelsior Life introduces Gretchen, Matthew, and Sarah.

“Diversity to me means the full spectrum of human differences. Inclusion means engaging that full spectrum of human differences in a very positive and empowering way.”

Gretchen A. Nortz, M.A.
Senior Academic Advisor
School of Liberal Arts


Matthew_Flowers_3x5“With diversity and inclusion, everyone has a voice. an equal voice, everyone’s opinions ideas are equal. The college has helped other people step outside their comfort zone. The President’s Committee on Inclusion (PCI) itself has done a lot in terms of events and just opening people’s eyes to things they might not have paid attention to previously.”

Matthew Flowers Jr., MS
Academic Advisor
Excelsior College School of Liberal Arts




“”I think having a workforce educated on diversity and inclusion can only benefit our students. We have a very diverse student body, and our staff needs to reflect the values of our students.”

Sarah Quaile, Enrollment Operations Manager


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