Celebrate Diversity Month with Elizabeth, Jeremy, and Pauline

April is Celebrate Diversity Month. As part of Excelsior College’s culture, staff volunteers appointed by the college president participate in the President’s Committee on Inclusion (PCI) which provides educational programs to enhance a multicultural and inclusive environment. The committee also promotes awareness programs to enrich the working and learning environment of the Excelsior College Community at large. Each Monday in April, Excelsior College employees will explain what diversity and inclusion means to them. 

Today, Excelsior Life introduces Elizabeth, Jeremy, and Pauline.

Elizabeth Ireland

“We can challenge people to think differently and take a closer look at themselves and who they are. Especially given the work that we do, and the populations that we serve. It is so important. For me, diversity and inclusion is a way of thinking…a mindset that informs how we operate as an organization. Inclusion means making room for more people. Expanding. Creating an environment where people can do their best work, be innovative and  creative  which ultimately impacts your bottom line. Diversity and Inclusion. You don’t do it because it is right, you do it because it is smart.” Elizabeth Ireland, MA, senior academic advisor, School of Nursing

Jeremy Sherman

“It means lot to me as an openly gay male. It is really important for an institution to openly proclaim that they are diverse and that diversity and inclusion are important to them, because you have to check those things before you go places. That is one of the decisions I made about Excelsior, because the PCI was so prominent and they were so well known in the Capital Region for their diversity and inclusion.  Our staff and faculty have to reflect the diversity that we have in our student body.” Jeremy Sherman, MS Ed., academic advisor, School of Nursing

Pauline Hooten

“Diversity – is a multifaceted construct with a value of difference as the driving force.  The College recognizes and works hard to incorporate these differences (skill, gender, ethnic and generational) across the College to enhance team building, decision making and problem solving.  I am a member of a minority and the College recognizes this, has reached out to me, to embrace me, to learn from me, and to educate me as well.” Pauline Hooten, MA, senior academic advisor, School of Liberal Arts

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