Chronic communication at home

“We had the whole day planned,” my client said to me. “Pancakes followed by a trip to our local swimming pool. And then I woke up that morning knowing those plans were going to have to change. Starting with making those pancakes. My kids tried not to show their disappointment, but I knew they were. And I felt even worse.”

When you’re living with a chronic condition, life isn’t always very predictable, to say the least. The best laid of plans can suddenly be shifted in a whole new direction when, out of the blue, you find yourself not feeling quite up to what you had planned.

Unpredictability can be rough on you. If you’re a parent, it can be rough on your kids. Which makes unpredictability even harder to accept. It’s one thing to have our own plans turned upside down. But the kids’ plans too?

Kids thrive on routine. Favorite foods. Favorite activities. Morning and evening rituals. And knowing what they can expect from parents. This gives them a sense of well-being and control over their world. Because they thrive on routine, sudden changes can make them feel anxious and insecure…

Here’s how to help your kids survive and thrive when life gets unpredictable:

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