Colleges shouldn’t become training facilities, warns Dr. Jane LeClair

Academic institutions are under a lot of pressure to churn out as many cybersecurity graduates as possible who have skills they need to get to work right away and get us out of the skills crisis we’re in. According to Dr. Jane LeClair, COO for (ISC)2 Global Academic Program (GAP) member National Cybersecurity Institute at Excelsior College, however, transforming universities into training facilities is a dangerous move that fails to cultivate the creativity and critical thinking skills people need to be successful in the field. Instead, she believes that combining education and certification is key to cultivating the future cybersecurity workforce.

“We need both education and certification today. Education gives students the opportunity to explore, whereas training leads people down a specific path with a targeted goal. If I’m a hacker, and I’m sitting around thinking about new ways to break or attack something, you can assume that I’m a pretty creative person. If we turn academic institutions into training facilities, we’re missing the boat by failing to provide students with essentials skills. Education raises your knowledge level, draws out your creativity, and cultivates your critical thinking skills. A certification may or may not measure these things, but it does show an employer the specific skills you’ve mastered in addition to your educational foundation.”

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