Commentary: Cybersecurity – Moving Beyond the Basics

Dr. Sherly Abraham

Today on Excelsior Commentary, Dr. Sherly Abraham discusses why the cybersecurity realm is like a cat-and-mouse game.

Sherly Abraham, PhDIn the wake of recent data breaches like the ones at Target, Michaels, and eBay it has become important like never before to look beyond the basics in cybersecurity. Two key terms that I like to emphasize is the need for a proactive approach and situational awareness.

The security community has been so accustomed to reacting to incidents. For example, we discover a malware in the wild, and then develop a signature for it which is then pushed to anti-virus software. How about we invest our efforts even more towards proactively discovering exploits before they are discovered by hackers? This will tremendously assist in staying ahead of the game. In other words, security professionals need to be trained to think like hackers. To add, cybersecurity educational curriculums need to emphasize the importance of defensive and offensive strategies.

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