Course Approval: What is it Good For?

Jennifer Cole, Academic Advisor, School of Health Sciences
Jennifer Cole, Academic Advisor, School of Health Sciences
Jennifer Cole, Academic Advisor, School of Health Sciences

A common question advisors hear from new students is “Why do I need course approval?” There are several reasons a student should seek course approval from their advisor, and course approval is strongly recommended.

  1. If you are using Federal Financial Aid, or most types of Veteran’s benefits, course approval is required in order to use your funds.
  2. It assures you that the course you want to take will apply to your remaining degree requirements, and not duplicate any previously taken course work.
  3. It helps you plan your current and future terms. Your advisor can let you know about any prerequisites you may want to consider before attempting a certain course, or if the pairing of courses you’ve chosen for a particular term may be a particularly difficult combination.
  4. If you are on academic probation, you would be limited to one course per term, and are required to have course approval.
  5. Capstone courses also require course approval.

How do you request course approval? There are several ways:

  • Send your advisor a message in the message center with the courses you wish to take.
  • Give your advisor a call to discuss options and have course approval placed on file.
  • Request approval via your MAPlanner tool.
    • On the My Home page of your my Excelsior account, you can click on the MAP Planner tool.
    • Then click on the “progress” tab. This will show you your remaining degree requirements.
    • Click on the corresponding number in the “Credits Needed” column, it will bring up a list of courses that will meet that requirement.
    • Select a course from that list it will move it to your “exams/courses” tab, from there you can request course approval.
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