Cybersecurity is looking for a few good women

Dr. Jane LeClair, Chief Operating Officer of Excelsior College’s National Cybersecurity Institute, wrote a blog post for the Cyber Experts Blog about the demand for more women in the cyber professional arena.

Are you a woman looking for a job? As of this moment there is huge need for those who have cybersecurity skills to protect the digital assets of private and government systems. By some estimates, some-speculate-that-the-reasoning-for-this-is-that-women-have-traditiona_2069_40096913_0_14034238_500-300x200.jpgright now, there are over 200,000 and as many as 340,000 unfilled cybersecurity positions in the US, with upwards of 30,000 open jobs in various government agencies. Morgan (2015) notes that “The U.S. will have to fill its hundreds-of-thousands of cybersecurity positions over the next decade”. By some estimates the demand for cyber professionals will grow over 50% just within the next five years.

Are you a woman looking for a good paying job? Right now the salaries for skilled cyber professionals are off the charts as organizations are desperate for employees to fill their ranks. Salaries for top levels professionals are over $225,000 with average entry level salaries topping $70,000…plus generous benefits and near guaranteed job security.

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