Don’t Spare the Tears: Emotion in Marketing


We all have emotions in differing degrees – they are relatively strong and uncontrolled feelings that affect our behavior, so it is no wonder that it plays such a powerful part in today’s advertising. Whether it is the awaited homecoming of an absent soldier in a Guinness commercial, or a young puppy befriended by horses in a Budweiser ad, or even the family ties that draw the young son back to his home town and the family bakery he built with his father in this 2015 Vistaprint ad.

We are suckers for an emotional story and advertisers know it.

What is emotion in advertising?

Emotions are often triggered by events or images. We might, for example, eat a bar of chocolate that takes us back to the long lost summers of our youth, or see a picture that reminds us of a departed loved-one. Such emotions are usually accompanied by a physical reaction, whether we breath heavier, have an increased heart rate, or become tearful. Invariably they are also accompanied by thoughts – although our ability to think straight depends upon the intensity of those emotions. But above all they lead to feelings, which is the part we most closely associate with emotions: whether that is happiness, sadness, liking, disliking, fear, or love. And advertisers hope to provoke those feelings through the power of the emotional appeal and encourage favorable behaviors based upon them, such as trying a new or unfamiliar product, based upon our reaction to a familiar feeling.

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