Excelsior Alumni Volunteerism Spotlight: Sandy Butterfield


SandyBSandy Butterfield was introduced to Excelsior College (then Regent’s College) in 1983 and received her bachelor of science degree in nursing degree at the 1986 commencement ceremony.

After graduation, she married, had two children, worked full-time at a local hospital and also taught per diem at a local college. She proceeded to complete her master of science in nursing degree, her master of science in healthcare administration degree, her certification in trauma nursing, and her certification in psychiatric nursing. She became a CPR and ACLS instructor as well.

“Because of how busy life is, Excelsior soon took a backseat and became forgotten. However, years later, as my children began looking at colleges, warm memories came back,” admits Butterfield. “I volunteer for many organizations that I believe in. I donate to organizations such as the Salvation Army, the Lions Club, etc. Yet, I did not donate nor volunteer for Excelsior.”

Around 2012, Butterfield began looking into volunteering for Excelsior. Butterfield applied for the Alumni Leadership Council but did not get elected. However, that did not deter Butterfield from getting involved. Butterfield assisted at a San Diego Alumni Event in 2014. “I will never forget attending that alumni event and hearing the different stories from different alumni (so different and yet so similar to mine),” said Butterfield. “At that alumni event, I was welcomed and embraced by the staff of Excelsior, by Renee Kelly, Marcy Stryker, there were members of the Alumni Leadership Council there, there were ambassadors, and other alumni. It was like coming home again!”

Butterfield applied for the Alumni Leadership Council in 2014, and did get elected. Like DesForges, Butterfield assisted at the 2016 Alumni Event in San Diego. Butterfield has gotten involved with volunteering for Excelsior in other ways by attending the 2014 and 2015 commencement ceremonies, as well as becoming a donor for the school.

“I can think of no place more worthy of contributions than a school that helps people accomplish their dreams.” Butterfield explains. “I am still a member of the Alumni Leadership Council. However, even when I finish my term, I will continue to volunteer my time and resources to Excelsior.”

When Butterfield was asked why she volunteers for Excelsior:

“It has to do with concepts like paying back, paying it forward, and…coming home. Because of Excelsior, I not only accomplished my dreams; I am living my dream. I would encourage everyone, whether you are a newer graduate of Excelsior or an older one (like me!); if you have “forgotten” Excelsior because life is so busy;  if something is niggling at you like it was niggling at me; come back! There are various ways to volunteer, become an ambassador, help out with the webinars and different activities we develop, go to an alumni event, donate funds to the different programs, apply for the Alumni Leadership Council, or apply for the awards that we give out to alumni every year at commencement.  One thing I will promise you: you will be welcomed back and embraced—just as I was. I also promise you that you will be welcomed back by me!”

Butterfield will be kicking off a new Alumni Speaker Series quarterly webinar series called “The Shift Report.” It will deal with issues nurses and healthcare workers face on the job. The first episode is set to air on May 10 at 8 pm EST.

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