Excelsior Career Services Introduce New Features for Alumni

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career servicesInterviewing with a prospective employer is often one of the most challenging aspects of the search process for job seekers. The mission of the college career center is to help graduates overcome these types of challenges through a combination of resources, services, and advisement.

Whether graduates are changing careers, pursuing promotions, or transitioning from the military, learning the best ways to showcase their unique skills and experiences is essential.

In an announcement earlier today, Maribeth Gunner, director of career services at Excelsior College, says the school is one step closer to realizing that goal.

Beginning January 31, Excelsior College will open up EC JobLinks, the institution’s Online Job Search and Recruitment Database to graduates for the first time, and help them to practice their interview skills through an innovative mock interview feature.

Maribeth Gunner, Director, Career Services at Excelsior College.
Maribeth Gunner, Director, Career Services at Excelsior College.

The new initiative offers Excelsior job seekers the ability to build a list of pre-recorded interview questions based on their degree path and preferred industry, record their performance, and save it for review. The customized videos can then be distributed to professional contacts, friends and family for feedback through a unique password protected URL.

“Video interviews have not replaced the traditional in-person interview,” said Gunner. “However, it is rapidly becoming a hot technology trend that is sure to continue gaining further attention from employers. More and more employers are using web-based job video interviews to screen candidates for employment.”

The video interview provides managers with the opportunity to replay, review, and rate the interviews online, attests Gunner, so they can compare candidates without having to remember who said what or review their notes.

The mock interview is just the latest premiere service added to the Career Center’s offerings at no additional cost to students or alumni. Others include a resume builder and portfolio services.

Graduates from 2008 to present will be provided with immediate access to the system; those graduating prior to 2008 can request a free account at any time. Students and alumni with additional questions are being encouraged to call the Career Center’s new toll free number, 888-533-9267 or email ECJobLinks@excelsior.edu.


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