Excelsior Cares: Staff members honoring military service on Veterans Day and beyond

On November 11, Excelsior College staff members joined hundreds of local veterans at the annual Veterans Day Parade held in Albany, New York.

Leticia, "Letty", Cabeza
Leticia, “Letty”, Cabeza

Leticia “Letty” Cabeza, administrative assistant in Excelsior College’s marketing department at Excelsior College, was one of the parade attendees. As a veteran herself, the recognition of military service is especially important to her. Cabeza served as a 92A – Automated Logistical Specialist in the U.S. Army for four years, stationed in Korea, Germany, and Saudi Arabia. She received an honorable discharge after her years of service, as well as several commendations, including two overseas ribbons and a Good Conduct Medal.

Volunteers from Excelsior College attended the parade not only to support veterans, but also to distribute cards encouraging veterans to take part in the College’s #ShareTheirPride, a campaign that raises awareness in honoring veterans, their families, and their stories that is being used on the military & veteran group pages on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Cabeza often reminisces about her tour in Germany with a few fellow soldiers on Facebook. “I usually am hesitant to disclose that I am a veteran,” said Cabeza. “It’s not something that I will want to draw attention to unless there is a specific purpose for disclosing, or I am asked.” Cabeza shared her pride by volunteering for her first time at this year’s Veterans Day Parade.

“I got very emotional when the Vietnam veterans marched past me during the parade,” Cabeza admits. “The things that they have been through and what they must have seen inspire me.”

Among the more than 40,000 currently enrolled students, nearly 16,000 count themselves as active-duty or of veteran status. And of the more than 4,900 Excelsior graduates in the 2014-2015 academic year, 34 percent were members of the U.S. military. Excelsior College’s Center for Military Education is committed to helping students earn a degree or certificate, making their transition back to civilian life easier. Excelsior’s faculty and staff members say that Cabeza works hard to continue to inspire students to achieve their academic and personal goals. Cabeza is a valued member of the College for her service and commitment to her community. “I am so honored to work at a college that works so hard to support veterans,” said Cabeza.

Cabeza, a proud volunteer at the Veterans Day Parade, said that “[seeing] the proud faces of veterans, and everyone who marched in the parade, and participate in a day that honors all veterans, including those that have lost their lives for the freedom that we enjoy, will be a memory that we will never forget.”

Images from the Veterans Day Parade event:

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