Excelsior College Launches School of Public Service

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Excelsior College this week unveiled its fifth school, Public Service, which will house the institution’s criminal justice and military studies programs. Dr. Scott Dalrymple is founding dean of the new school.

Scott Dalrymple, PhD
Dr. Scott Dalrymple is founding dean of the School of Public Service at Excelsior College.

“The School of Public Service intends to equip students with the skills and knowledge they will need for a variety of career pathways – criminal justice, government, non-profit, even the military,” said Dalrymple. “We’re excited for the future.”

Initially, the new school will become home to a number of existing academic programs geared towards the military/veterans and criminal justice communities, including:

“The new school will be a mix of cutting-edge theory and street-smart practice,” said Jack Greene, assistant dean in the School of Public Service during a recent interview with Excelsior Life.

The MS in Criminal Justice course offerings explore a number of issues, including criminal justice theory and practice, law enforcement, corrections, and counterterrorism. Within the Military Studies degree, courses include military history, military science, and strategic communication.

“Graduates with a degree in criminal justice will be better prepared to meet the challenges of increased responsibilities in all segments within the fields of corrections, law enforcement, administrations, and more,” added Greene.

Photo of Man on ComputerIn addition, Excelsior also plans to seek regulatory approval to launch new graduate degree programs in public administration and public policy, with particular emphasis on health care and nonprofit management.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the projected growth rates by 2020 for both social and community service managers (26.7 percent) as well as medical and health services managers (22.4 percent) are significant.

Excelsior, a private, nonprofit, distance education institution in Albany, New York, is also home to schools of Business and Technology, Health Sciences, Liberal Arts, and Nursing.


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