Excelsior College Will Provide a Tuition-free Course For Military Students

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Responding to the educational needs of America’s men and women in uniform, military students at Excelsior College will be able to take a course, tuition-free, while the military’s tuition assistance program is in limbo during the partial government shut-down.

Photo of The Capitol in Washington DCUnder the plan announced today, enrolled Excelsior students who are eligible to receive military tuition assistance will be able to take one course, tuition free, during Excelsior’s Fall II term which begins October 21. This includes those who had previously registered for a course during this term and those who may still register for one. The College’s courses operate on a trimester basis, each of which is comprised of two eight-week terms.

“A very unfortunate result of the gridlock in Washington over the federal budget is the suspension of military tuition assistance programs for those who are serving our nation on active duty,” said John F. Ebersole, president of Excelsior College. “It is imperative that these men and women should not be denied the opportunity to continue their education because our country’s leaders are at odds with one another. Enabling service members to maintain momentum toward their educational goals is something we feel obligated to do.”

In a July 2013 Patriot Poll by Excelsior, more than 96 percent of active duty military personnel said that earning a college degree is important to them. About 27 percent of Excelsior’s 37,000 enrolled students are active duty military personnel.

“We are hopeful that the partial shut-down will soon be resolved and that military tuition assistance will be restored,” said Susan Dewan, executive director of Excelsior’s Center for Military Education. “Timing, however, is a critical factor. Excelsior’s military students who are registered for a course beginning October 21 will be able to take it during this term tuition-free. If TA is restored in time to cover the Fall II term, it will be applied to the student’s account. Regardless, students are assured of their ability to take a course during the term and not have an interruption in their progress toward a degree.”

Excelsior’s military students who have questions about this plan are encouraged to contact the Center for Military Education via the College’s Message Center,  at 888-647-2388 (press 1351 at the greeting) or by email military@excelsior.edu.


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