Excelsior, Smarthinking Team on Resume and Cover Letter Critique Services

photo of women doing a resume.

photo of women doing a resume.For many adult learners heading back to school, career advancement is among the top deciding factors. However, just as a degree can help a candidate differentiate themselves in a competitive job market, so can a well-written resume or cover letter, which is why college career services are in-demand.

For good or ill, first impressions matter.

To help meet this demand, the Excelsior College Career Center has partnered with Smarthinking, an online tutoring service, to offer comprehensive resume and cover letter critique service free of charge to enrolled students. The college will also continue to offer its own fee-based service conducted by professional career counselors for alumni and current students.

“Although social media tools like LinkedIn have become prevalent in the professional world,  a strong, targeted resume and cover letter still remains a prominent gateway to the job interview, said Maribeth Gunner, director of career services at Excelsior. “To be considered for any new position, students will need a marketable resume that outlines their unique value and captures the attention of potential employers.”

The new Excelsior College resume and cover letter critique service assists students in learning how to best showcase their skills and accomplishments. Whether it is guidance in developing a newly formatted resume, or minor suggestions on how to polish current credentials, the objective of Smarthinking critique services is to help students create professional, well-designed documents that can capture the attention of an employer.

Available 24/7, a professional e-structor will review a student’s resume, include suggestions, identify next steps, and provide references to additional guides and resources as needed. According to the Career Center, documents submitted for review will be returned to students within a 24 hour timeframe.

Excelsior already offers on-demand online tutoring through Smarthinking for students enrolled in online courses or its credit by examination program, UExcel.


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