Excelsior’s MBA is Top of the Class!

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Good news for our many graduate students in the School of Business and Technology: The Excelsior MBA has been announced as the top-ranked program in the Capital Region.

The ranking was announced by the Albany Business Review, and is determined by the number of enrolled students in the Fall 2016 term. It placed Excelsior ahead of several prestigious peer institutions, such as University at Albany School of Business, SUNY Empire State College, and Clarkson University.

Commenting on the news, Interim Dean Dr. Li-Fang Shih said, “it truly is an honor to be able to serve the growing number of dedicated students who are enrolled in our program. Students who come to us because of our reputation and expertise, but also because the program is both accessible and affordable—this really is good news for both our current and future graduates!”

Housed within the School of Business and Technology, our MBA emphasizes the intersection between business and technology, and examines how the relationship between them drives efficiency and effectiveness within organizations. To capitalize on this, our program offers concentrations in Cybersecurity and Technology Management, which complements the other concentrations in: Accounting, Health Care Management, Human Performance Management, Human Resources Management, Leadership, Mediation and Arbitration, and Social Media Management. Taken together, our 8 concentrations provide students with a breadth of opportunity to enhance their specialized skills in a wide variety of disciplines and fields.

Our program leverages the strength of our business and technology programs at the bachelor’s level, with alumni from these programs comprising over 50% of the MBA. Leader of our graduate programs, Assistant Dean Dr. Michele Paludi, welcomed the announcement, saying, “we take great pride that our students continue to choose Excelsior College as they seek to further their academic and career goals, and this is testament to the quality and relevance of the program that we have developed.”

Offering our courses entirely online enables us to provide convenient and flexible learning opportunities to working adults. Students in our MBA program are, on average, 40 years old, with nearly 92% currently employed. The age and employment status of our working adult student population differentiates our program from the traditional MBA, where the average age is around 28 years old. Therefore, students looking to advance their career or change careers can be assured that their peers have a wealth of practical military, industry, and organizational experience. As such, our courses aim to capitalize on the experiences of our students and utilize integrative case-study approaches to ensure the learning in our MBA courses resonates with the real-world contexts that are students are coming from or are preparing to enter.

To oversee our programs and courses, we have focused on hiring discipline-specific experts in accounting, finance, and quantitative analysis, logistics, operations, supply chain, and project management, and strategic marketing and entrepreneurship. Dr. Santosh Abraham, Mr. John Coy, and Mr. William Trevor, complement Dr. Paludi’s nearly 30 years of experience in human resources and leadership. All members of our administrative team have been hired within the last two years and bring a combination of academic and practical industry experience to drive improvements to all our business degrees.

Key to their efforts has been an intentional and systematic focus on recruiting, retaining, and developing highly-qualified faculty who have strong academic and practitioner backgrounds. As part of this focus, we have been developing a robust faculty development program focused on supporting the committed, energetic, and talented business faculty that we have here at Excelsior College. We know that it is through our excellent existing faculty members and their interactions with our students that we can have the most direct impact on the student experience and drive student success.

Finally, we want to recognize and thank our students, who continuously demonstrate a sense of drive, grit, and perseverance, that is unparalleled. We never cease to be amazed by the inspiring stories of our students, like cyber security student Weylin Leavitt, who demonstrate an awesome ability to balance work, life, family, and academics in the pursuit of their personal development and career goals. We also want to thank them for choosing Excelsior College’s MBA program, and to assure them that with Dean Li-Fang Shih, myself as associate dean, Assistant Dean Michele Paludi, and the business faculty program directors, we will continue to remain committed to ensuring students meet their goals. Because, as we say here in the School of Business & Technology: we motivate student success, and it is our students’ success that motivates us!

So whether you are a student with us already, or whether you are contemplating your next steps, with the Excelsior MBA program, you can be assured that you are studying for a qualification that really is “top of the class!”


Written by Dr. Scott Dolan, is the Associate Dean for Business in the School of Business and Technology at Excelsior College

To find out more about Excelsior’s top-ranked IACBE accredited MBA, check out our website: http://www.excelsior.edu/programs/business/mba-leadership-master-degree

Or contact us with your questions about our programs:

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Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not represent the views or opinions of my employer.

Scott Dolan
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Scott Dolan is the Associate Dean for Business for the School of Business and Technology at Excelsior College, where he provides academic leadership for all graduate and undergraduate business degree programs. Prior to taking this position, Dr. Dolan served as the Executive Director of Accreditation, Assessment, and Strategy, where he was responsible for leading the continuous improvement efforts of the school including the development and management of the outcome assessment process in all the degree programs in the School of Business and Technology. Prior to joining Excelsior College in 2014, Dr. Dolan worked for a private program evaluation business conducting program evaluations of P-20 education programs. Dr. Dolan received his doctorate degree in Sociology from the University at Albany—State University of New York.

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