Excelsior’s scholarship: Announcing the Journal of Business and Technology

With the eagerly-awaited launch of the Journal of Business and Technology on March 20th, this new publication aims to provide a showcase for the groundbreaking scholarship of, not just our faculty within the School and Business and Technology at Excelsior College, but also the wider academic community.  Guided by the experienced hands of Dr. Michele Paludi and co-editor, Dr. Kuang-Yuan Huang, the Journal’s aim is to further the field of scholarship and pedagogy at the intersection of business and technology, while also retaining a relevance to practitioners across the various disciplines that the School serves, whether that is HR, logistics, marketing, or cyber security, to name but a few.

Commenting upon the Journal’s launch, Dr. Paludi said that, ‘we are very honored and delighted to have been able to bring together such a powerful body of scholarship for this new edition.’  Dr. Huang also added, ‘we are confident this will help to further cement the School’s formidable reputation as a leader in the field of business and technology.’  In addition to several book reviews, this new edition examines a range of issues, from leadership and social media, to challenges faced by Amazon in its global expansion, change management, organizational learning, and the effects of PTSD.

Leadership and Social Media

Bari Courts, Jan Tucker, and Angela Au, take a timely and relevant look at how social media has shaped the role and influence of leaders in their fascinating article, ‘The Influence of Social Media on 21st century Leaders’. The all-pervasive nature of social media in today’s business environment has presented both opportunities and challenges to the modern leader and the authors have reviewed the literature relating to both leadership and social media.  And in reviewing a range of leadership styles, their conclusions suggest that servant leadership, which teaches the leader to serve others in achieving the goals of the organization, aligns most effectively with the demands of social media.  Their findings provide a fresh perspective on this ever-changing area.

Change Management

Change management is the subject of our next article.  Keith Grant and Janelle Grant examine the behaviors and emotions associated with the loss of a loved-one and compare them with those often witnessed in individuals facing change within organizations – a common approach in the existing literature.  They suggest, however, that interpreting the emotions associated with change as equivalent to those witnessed during the grieving process, as many writers suggest, can be problematic and instead they propose an alternative solution.  Their article, ‘Models and Theories for Understanding Change’, concludes that the most effective approach is one based upon individual behavioral needs and to develop people who are flexible and adaptable to change in their lives. The article provides a welcome and illuminating addition to the literature on change management.

Amazon’s Global Ambitions

Amazon, the giant of online retail, is the topic of our next article and scholars Charlette McClendon and Herbert Sherman look at the company’s mixed fortunes as it continues its global expansion.  This topical article asks the question, ‘Lost in Translation: Can Amazon Dominate the Asian On-Line Retail Marketplace?’   While Amazon’s expansion of its distribution and delivery networks at a low cost to consumers has continued apace, questions arise about its ability to sustain its competitive advantage.  And nowhere more so than in Asian markets where competitors have been surprisingly resistant to this corporate juggernaut.  The study concludes by suggesting that Amazon may be more successful in markets such as China, by focusing upon a specific market segment, rather than trying to replicate the mass marketing approach that delivered success elsewhere.

Healthcare and the Learning Organization

In a challenging and thought-provoking article, scholars Cecily Luft, Paula Lundberg-Love, Katherine A. Scott, and Avery Clark, examine the sensitive issue of incest, in a study entitled, ‘The Nexus Among Trauma, Altered Brain Circuitry, Symptoms of PTSD and Approaches to Psychopharmacological Intervention.’  And in our final article, Keith Grant, Janelle Grant, and Regina Mailey, look at the concept of the Learning Organization, which was a concept popularized by author, Peter M. Senge.  Titled, ‘The Elusive Paragon’, the study reviews both the literature and the model organizations selected as representing the Learning Organization in practice.  The authors particularly focused their attention upon the burgeoning healthcare sector.

The next edition of the Journal of Business and Technology will be published in November 2017 and the Call for Manuscripts and the accompanying Submission Guidelines are available now at: http://jbt.excelsior.edu

Written by Will Trevor, Faculty Program Director for Marketing

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