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Anita Norton, Director, Excelsior College Library
Anita Norton, Director,
Excelsior College Library

Feeling the crunch of having to do several writing assignments for your courses?  In need of some background information on your topic or eBooks that will help you to better understand your needs?

Look no further than the Excelsior College Library!

There are eBooks for writing help such as Writing: Processes, Tools and Techniques or Academic Writing. (Log in required)

Visit our eBooks page and see what options are available in databases to locate an eBook on your topic of interest. You can start with the eBook Collectionebrary or Credo Reference



The library has over 300,000 eBooks that also include encyclopedias and dictionaries. Read them online or download them to your electronic device and read them on the go!  There are also links to eBook websites (on the eBooks page) that have been vetted by the librarians and add even more eBooks choices. Check out Open Library or Project Gutenberg Online Books.

Once you have made a choice of an eBook and incorporated some of the information into your paper and need to cite it, there are instructions on the eBooks page for that, too!

So, explore the library for eBooks you can access right at your fingertips.

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