Featured Learning Resource: Software Skills Training with Hoonuit

Hoonuit (formerly Atomic Learning) is an online, on-demand software skills training resource for Excelsior College students. It supplies instant access to answers on common “how to” questions and offers step-by-step training for course projects through video tutorials available 24/7/365.

Users can access this resource by following this link to Hoonuit or by clicking the Hoonuit button on the course toolbar of Excelsior’s online courses. Many courses also have video tutorials to help students with specific projects.

Atomic Learning provides training in commonly used software applications, such as:

  • Microsoft Office
  • SPSS
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Blackboard
  • Acrobat
  • Google applications
  • and many more

Hoonuit breaks down each application into manageable tasks and explains each task through a 1 to 3 minute video tutorial. View a tutorial when you have a quick question about a program you’re using, or view a series of tutorials and master an entire application.  Excelsior College students have access to the full suite of Hoonuit video tutorials. Begin now at Hoonuit.

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