Five Minutes with Alicia Audino, Assistant Director of Career Services

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Alicia Audino hit the ground running at Excelsior College as the Assistant Director of Career Services! From her passion around higher education and the Career Center Alicia has such a positive energy geared towards impacting students. Join me in taking five minutes with Alicia today, learn more about her and what the Career Center has to offer!


  1. What do you enjoy about working with students?

For me, the best part of working with students is that I have the potential to really make an impact on their educational and professional lives. As a student, my life was changed by my academic and extracurricular advisors, now I have the opportunity to impact our students in that same way.

2. What are your favorite resources in the Career Center?

My favorite new resource on the Career Center is Focus 2! It is a career and educational planning tool that allows students and alumni to engage in self-assessments, explore a variety of career options and job market information, and set their goals in motion. I like it so much because it has something for everyone, no matter what part of the career development process you are in. I am also a huge assessment geek, so I love geeking out with students when I talk about it.

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