Holiday time! What are you saying “yes!” to?

The holidays are upon us. And that means lots of articles and blogs about how to “survive” this time of the year. Survive? Really? Is that what the holidays are about?

It seems to me that so many articles about the holiday are all about saying no. NO to spreading yourself too thin with overscheduling. NO to spending too much money. NO to letting yourself fall off the wagon on maintaining your diet.

No, no, no!

If the Holidays are All About Saying No, That Doesn’t Leave a Lot of Room for What’s Possible!

I can’t help but wonder if we become so focused on the importance of saying no that we end up setting ourselves up to view the holidays with dread instead of anticipation. As if the holidays are a big danger zone we are entering into, with survival depending on digging in our feet and holding firm to a rigid set of rules.

And that also makes me wonder if, by focusing on the no, we turn holidays into an opportunity for stress. And prepare ourselves accordingly.

Hold steady! Catastrophe ahead!

It’s hard to maintain balance during the holiday season. And sure, you don’t want to completely deplete yourself over the holiday season or throw your treatment regimen – and your health – out of whack. Understood.

But here’s an idea: How about shifting the focus away from saying no and toward what you can say yes to? The word no is a showstopper. It is all about what you can’t do. Yes, on the other hand, implies possibilities. Maybe not without limits, but a whole lot more possibilities than no.

In other words, how about looking at what you can allow yourself over the holiday? What you can say YES to?

Here are some ideas for YES-sing the holidays at your house:

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