Instructor Tips: Joanne Bonesteel on NUR 108

joanne bonesteel headshot (697x800) (261x300)Joanne Bonesteel has worked at Excelsior College for over 25 years. She is a Faculty Program Director in the School of Nursing. In this role she has developed and implemented a variety of guided learning options and courses to help students be successful in what used to be an assessment-only nursing program. Joanne mostly enjoys advising students online, on the telephone, and in person during one-day CPNE skills labs. She took some time recently to answer our questions about one of the courses she has developed, NUR 108: Transition to the Professional Nurse Role:

What do students enjoy most about NUR 108?

I believe students enjoy most the games such as Jeopardy that we have included in the interactive tutorial. Students say that the engaging “bells and whistles” of the course help them to stay focused.

What do students find most challenging about NUR 108?

Both faculty and students agree that the quizzes and the comprehensive exams in weeks 4 and 8 are the most challenging, but we post test-taking tips on a regular basis.

What are your top three success tips for students taking NUR 108?

1. Carefully read the directions posted for each assignment as often students lose valuable points because the wrong information is submitted.

2. Be sure your computer is in working order and has all of the software needed to be compatible with the Blackboard learning management system.

3. Take time to purchase the textbooks and all other required material well in advance of the start of the course.

You can find more information on NUR 108, including a sample syllabus, through the Course Search on our website.

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