International Law Course Premiering May 2016

POL210POL 210 Controversies in International Law is a new course which explores the theory and practice of international law and international organization in an era marked by American power.  The course examines selected contemporary controversies in international relations that deal with legal issues and the relationship between power and justice.  The course analyzes the concepts, structures, and political underpinnings of international law, exploring international law as both an “operating” system of rules and procedures for generating laws as well as a “normative” system for regulating the specific behaviors of sovereign nation-states.  The course examines international law and practice by focusing on contemporary controversies in the areas of humanitarian intervention; the ‘new frontiers’ of the arctic, seas, and outer space; nuclear proliferation; the privatization of war; refugees; torture; and terrorism.

You can find more information about POL 210, including a sample syllabus, through the Course Search on our website.

Image: Signing of the United Nations Charter at the founding San Francisco conference, June, 26 1945. Source:

Ted Lehmann, Faculty Program Director, Social Sciences
Ted Lehmann, Faculty Program Director, Social Sciences
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