Issues with Grammarly Service

Grammarly Update:
Currently there is a problem with Grammarly where students cannot log in nor make new accounts to access this service. Because of these issues, we are referring students to Smarthinking for their grammar checking.

Work Around:
Smarthinking is a free tutoring service that we provide; it allows you to submit a paper for grammar checks. Please note, the turn around time for feedback on your paper will be a little longer. Included below is a link to their hours of service so you can better gauge for your workflow. You can create a free Smarthinking account. Here are the directions on how to create a free account.

1. Go to your MyExcelsior page
2. Click on the Resources tab at the top of the page
3. Click on Read More About Smarthinking (left side of page)
4. Click on Sign Up Now (located on right side of page)

Check out their hours of service