ITT Tech students get help

Excelsior College has agreed to provide a free transcript evaluation so prospective students can see how many of their credits would transfer first before applying.

ITT students will likely have more success transferring credits to Excelsior than anywhere else, because the private college is regarded for having one of the most liberal transfer policies in the nation and is one of few regionally accredited institutions to accept credits from nationally accredited institutions. Along with a flexible transfer policy, the college provides credit for previous learning and real-life experience.

Excelsior proved a lifeline this year for students left in the lurch by the closure of Dowling College on Long Island, not-for-profit college that came under federal scrutiny and ultimately had its accreditation withdrawn. Because Excelsior offers online courses and specializes in distance learning, geographic proximity is rarely an issue for its students.

“Our history is one as a credit aggregator,” LaVigna said. “We really look to help people that have credits and need a home for them. So to us, these ITT students are really our average student.”


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