Did you know about the Excelsior College Media Library?

Is this your first time taking a course or are you getting back into the swing of things after a break? It can be easy to forget the little things that courses entail, such as navigating the bookstore, checking out materials, and remembering what APA format is.  When you haven’t done something in a while and when you do not use it often (AKA – the bookstore) it can be a little overwhelming to remember the exact steps .

I want to hinder some of those feelings of stress and forgetfulness by sharing the Excelsior College Media Library with you. The Media Library is broken down into sections that assist students in navigating a course, communicating with peers and instructors, as well as ordering textbooks.  The links consist of short videos and tutorials that act as walk-through’s if you have forgotten how to do something.  Use this resource to help you stay on the ball – it can prevent you from ordering textbooks late, misunderstanding APA, and will encourage you to communicate with your instructors when needed.  Please feel free to bookmark or save the link where you can easily access the media library.  If you need further assistance and can’t find what you are looking for in the Media Library, do hesitate to contact your success coach.

Savannah White, Student Success Coach


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