Mediators Without Borders, Excelsior College Partner on International Education Initiative

Mediators Without Borders requires a certification of all InAccord Justice Center directors.
Mediators Without Borders requires a certification of all InAccord Justice Center directors.
Mediators Without Borders requires a certification of all InAccord Justice Center directors.

Mediators Without Borders (MWB) and Excelsior College today announced a partnership to develop a workforce pipeline of highly qualified, graduate-educated, and certified dispute resolution professionals capable of running MWB branded, InAccord Justice Centers for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) across the globe.

Through this unique co-branding initiative, aspiring mediators will be able to complete MWB’s Certified InAccord Mediator and Arbitrator Certificate programs and then apply the credit earned toward an MBA or Master of Science in Management (MSM) from Excelsior College. MWB requires a certification of all InAccord Justice Center directors and this collaboration substantially reduces the cost of earning the degree.

The four courses that comprise MWB’s renowned certification program include InAccord Mediation, Mediation Applied Practice Internship, Workplace Mediation, and Arbitration. Excelsior’s School of Business and Technology has conducted a rigorous assessment and evaluated each course as equivalent to four college credits. In addition, the school has mapped the learning outcomes to the expected outcomes of its MBA and MSM programs. In total, graduates of the certificate program will be able to apply up to 16 total credits toward an MBA or 12 credits toward the MSM.

For Excelsior, a private, nonprofit, regionally-accredited distance learning institution based in Albany, New York, this initiative is an outgrowth of its work with the assessment of prior learning and competency-based education.

Mediators Without Borders developed the empirically based InAccord technique that empowers disputants, while fostering transparent and fair procedures to arrive at satisfactory solutions for each party. A major component of MWB’s work is the introduction of a research component in which the effectiveness of the mediation process is evaluated and documented. The services and training programs are designed to empower the disputants, and informs the mediation approach that is used, based on disputant needs.

“Mediators Without Borders is one of the most highly regarded distinctions in the mediation field and we’re excited to partner with MWB on this unique academic enterprise,” said Dr. Steve Ernst, acting dean, School of Business and Technology at Excelsior College. “By providing an affordable pathway for aspiring mediators to continue on with their education we can create a generation of graduates capable of making a global impact.”

“Mediators Without Borders was developed with a concurrent theme of Classroom to Career,” said Shauna Ries, chairman of MWB. “Education is the fundamental foundation of peaceful coexistence. Excelsior College and MWB is a perfect partnership to extend opportunities to bring the world closer together.”


About Mediators Without Borders (MWB)

Mediators Without Borders is an international organization established in 1994, modeled to serve and an educational “Institute within Universities” and is currently listed in over 900 college catalogues.  Their mission to foster sustainable peace through alternative dispute resolution techniques expanded in 2013 as MWB opened the empirically based Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Centers in the U.S. and abroad.  Each Center is designed to be a local facilitator of culturally relevant and empirical solutions to any matter of conflicts.  Collectively, the experiences of each Center contribute to a global body of conflict resolution research accessible to clients around the world.

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