Meet Carolyn Adamczyk, the new director of Excelsior’s veterans center

Excelsior College is pleased to announce Carolyn Adamczyk as the director of the Lt Col Bryant A. Murray Veterans Center. Adamczyk is a graduate of Park University, holding a bachelor’s degree in management and a master’s degree in adult education. Adamczyk has significant experience working with military, veterans, and civilians. She also holds extensive leadership and management experience in higher education.

Carolyn-Adamczyk.jpgAdamczyk served as the director of military education and veterans services for Burlington County College in New Jersey, a VA certifying official at Saint Leo University at Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina, and most recently, as the military programs coordinator at Central Carolina Technical College in South Carolina. Prior to her work experience, Adamczyk served in the Air Force for 21 years in their intelligence field.

“I look forward to having Carolyn on the CME leadership team and providing strategic vision for the Veterans Center,” said Susan Dewan, assistant vice president for military programs at Excelsior College.

She recently relocated to upstate New York in Northville, New York with her husband, who is also an Air Force retiree.

In a recent sit down with Excelsior Life, Adamczyk shared more about her experiences and what she looks forward to most in her newly appointed position.

Excelsior Life: What attracted you to Excelsior College?

Adamczyk: I was attracted to Excelsior College because I am passionate about helping veterans to be successful in their lives after they leave military service. Excelsior, and in particular the Center for Military Education, seems to share that passion. We have a very solid reputation in military circles and that is what drew me here. I knew the Excelsior name and thought this would be a great opportunity to continue my work in military and veterans education.

Excelsior Life: What are some strengths and weaknesses of the Veterans Center?

Adamczyk: The Veterans Center offers so much information to veterans, military members and their families. We offer original Excelsior content, but we also provide links to hundreds of other veteran resources. In addition, veterans do not have to be Excelsior students to access a majority of the information at our center. We have to do a better job of getting the word out not only to our students but to veterans everywhere that they can access resources at our center to help them in every aspect of their transition into civilian life.

Excelsior Life: What are you plans for the future?

Adamczyk: Getting the word out is a priority. To do that we are going to work closely with the Marketing Department and his team to polish and brand the Center. We are revamping the landing page to ensure veterans won’t have to go digging for what is most important to them: GI Bill Benefits, Job Search, Mentoring Programs, etc. We will also be getting our Student Veterans Association Chapter off the ground here soon. This will help provide some of the connectedness and sense of community veterans often say they miss when leaving the service.

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