By Vicki Pocorobba, Success Coach and Alicia Audino, Assistant Director of Career Services

The Career Center at Excelsior College recently announced a new service called MyPortfolio for enrolled students and alumni.  This is a free resource which allows students to create a digital repository to creatively compile and showcase their educational and work related skills, accomplishments, and experiences.  As a Success Coach, I often talk to students about their job search and ultimately refer them to the experts in the Career Center so I met with Alicia Audino, the Assistant Director, to find out more about this new resource.  Read on for my questions and her answers…

  1. Why is this a useful tool for Excelsior College students?
  • MyPortfolio, is an effective method to demonstrate both student and alumni accomplishments in a way that goes beyond the traditional resume and transcript. MyPortfolio allows users to catalog their credentials and can illustrate more tangible selections of their best talents, skills, and experiences with a more robust, interactive delivery.
  1. How is this different than a resume?
  • There are some pieces of overlap between the two however, MyPortfolio allows you to include active links, files, videos, images, and more. It allows you to actually demonstrate your experience and accomplishments to employers rather than just writing about them.
  1. How does someone begin to create their MyPortfolio?
  • It’s really easy to create a MyPortfolio account and get started! We designed the platform to take users step by step through the creation of their portfolio to make it as easy as possible. Follow our handy ‘Getting Started Guide’ for all of the details.
  1. What materials can be included?
  • The possibilities are endless! Depending upon how you are using your MyPortfolio, you can include projects, videos, papers, presentations, resumes, work and volunteer experiences, and more. While you don’t want it to house an overwhelming amount of content (you want visitors to be able to get through all of the material fairly easily), you basically want to include anything that’s relevant to what you’re trying to accomplish. Similar to targeting your resume or cover letter for a particular job application, you want to make sure your portfolio is supporting a specific goal.
  1. How are those materials uploaded?
  • MyPortfolio is built in WordPress so it includes its own Media Library. Documents, presentations, and images smaller than 200MB can be uploaded directly to the Media Library, or you can link to websites or documents that are house elsewhere. If your files are larger than our maximum of 200MB, you can save them using Google Drive or Dropbox and at them to your MyPortfolio as a link. See the Help and Tutorials page for more information.
  1. What format should my documents/videos/images be in?
  • The MyPortfolio Media Library recognizes many common file types including Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, PDFs, JPEG, PNG, MP4, and more. If you have a YouTube or Vimeo videos that you’d like to share, you can embed them into your MyPortfolio using the video ID. See the User Manual for details.
  1. When should a student start their MyPortfolio?
  • It really depends on the student and their goals. I recommend creating an account and getting your feet wet with MyPortfolio as early as possible. This way you can save important projects and other documents as you collect them and you’ll be prepared to jump right in when the time comes to present your portfolio to someone. You never know when your dream job will open up, so you should always be prepared!
  1. How is MyPortfolio used in a job search?
  • This might be different for various industries, but the most basic is including your portfolio’s unique URL in your job application materials. You can also include it on your LinkedIn profile or potentially presented during an interview, if appropriate.
  1. What else do students need to know about MyPortfolio?
  • MyPortfolio is exclusive to Excelsior College, so this is a great way to really stand out among the competition.
  • You’ll also have access to this great tool as Alumni, so you don’t have to worry about losing all of your work after graduation.
  • Beyond the content of each individual portfolio, you can customize colors, section headers, background images, and more to really allow your personal brand to shine.
  1. Who can I contact if I have questions or need more help?
  • Always check the User Manual first, as there are 40 pages of detailed instructions and screen shots, but if that doesn’t answer your question, Career Services serves as the ‘help desk’ for MyPortfolio. We are happy to help in any way that we can!
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