National Cybersecurity Institute and LifeJourney partnership lets students “test-drive” cyber careers

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The National Cybersecurity Institute (NCI) at Excelsior College today announced an educational agreement with LifeJourney™, an online career simulation experience. Through the partnership, NCI will be able to offer students interested in cybersecurity careers life-like exposure to the skills and demands of particular cyber-related career pathways by living through a “day in the life” simulation of various cybersecurity professionals.

“Both the National Cybersecurity Institute and LifeJourney are committed to meeting a critical national need for highly-trained, seasoned cyber professionals and that begins with building a workforce pipeline,” said Dr. Jane LeClair, COO at NCI. “Through the extensive learning resources and webinars offered via NCI and the LifeJourney mentoring program, we will be able to educate interested students on what it takes to succeed in the field.”

LifeJourneyLifeJourney allows students to learn directly from top industry professionals in the science, technology, engineering and math fields (STEM) who work at a diverse array of startups, midsize and Fortune 500 firms. The simulated experiences include video, interactive Q&A, and skill-building experiences. To enroll, individuals must register via the NCI Website.

NCI anticipates high demand for the experiences from Excelsior College students, individuals enrolled in either of NCI’s free courses, and community college/high school students interested in pursuing cybersecurity careers.

“Bringing the cybersecurity discussion into the classroom can be the spark that leads some students to seek out more advanced education, training and certifications on their way to careers in cybersecurity,” said Rick Geritz, LifeJourney CEO. “The LifeJourney program enables students to “test-drive” cybersecurity careers online and shows the relevant sources offered at Excelsior College and at Execlsior’s National Cybersecurity Institute, that are important to attaining that particular career and the initial knowledge needed to understand how to achieve the required certifications to get a jump into this rapidly expanding job sector.”

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