New Course in Spring II Term: HUM 230 The Ethics of Friendship

Wendy Trevor, Program Director for Humanities, School of Liberal Arts

Forging bonds with others enriches our lives. Since the beginning of antiquity friendship has been a topic for discussion, especially for the Ancient Greeks and Romans.  Two in particular had much to say about the nature of friendship, namely Aristotle and Cicero.  Friendship continued as a topic of interest amongst poets, songwriters and later philosophers through the ages and remains so to this day, with many people weighing in about what it means to be a friend. Now it’s your turn.

In this course you will we explore the nature, meaning, and theories of friendship and while you will consider earlier ideas about friendship and how they fit in today’s world of Facebook, you will also draw from your own experiences and consider the experiences, responsibilities and obligations of friendship. Have you enjoyed long lasting, meaningful friendships, or would you like to learn what philosophers say about how to do so? This course offers you an opportunity to do just that (while at the same time meet the SLA  Ethics requirement!). Along with discussions, such as one that asks you to reflect on whether being truthful in friendship, even if it hurts, is an ethical obligation, you will take part in a scenario poll about friendships in the workplace, and consider if Aristotle’s highest level of friendship is a modern reality in a world where “unfriending” has become popular.

Speak to your advisor to see if HUM 230 will fit with your degree plan.  The Spring II term begins on March 2, 2015 with regular registration open until February 27.

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