New History Course HIS 354: Transatlantic Slave Trade launching in Summer I

HIS 354 1How and why did humans choose to enslave one another? How and why did it become an institution based on race? What effects has the slave trade and slavery had on our current global society, economies, politics, and culture, long after its abolition?

This new history course explores the interconnections between continents across the Atlantic World—from Africa to South America, North America, and Europe. While most history courses on slavery focus primarily on the American colonies and the United States, this course expands our understanding of who was involved in the slave trade and why, across multiple continents.  As a truly global history course, students will explore the horrific reality of the slave trade from several perspectives. Students will learn about the internal slave trade in Africa, European trading hubs on the West African coast, the brutal Middle Passage across the Atlantic, the slave markets and the institution of slavery in the Americas, and the movements to abolish the trade in Europe and Africa.

HIS 354 2The Transatlantic Slave Trade has also had tremendous repercussions on our current society. In this course, students will learn about the effect of the slave trade on global economic inequality, political and social instability, demographic shifts, and cultural exchange from the nineteenth century to the present day.

You can find more information on HIS 354, including a sample syllabus, through the Course Search on our website.  Speak to your advisor to see if it will fit with your degree plan.  The Summer I  term begins on May 4, 2015 with regular registration open until May 1.


Mary Berkery, Faculty Program Director, History
Mary Berkery, Faculty Program Director, History








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Slave Sale notice, published in Charleston, South Carolina, 24th July 1769 – American School – American Artist – SLAVERY, TRANSPORTATION & DISCRIMINATION – 1769 – print. Source:

The Triangle Trade across the Atlantic World

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