School of Business & Technology Announces Digital Badges for Select Courses

Excelsior College first adopted digital badges in 2016 when the Center for Professional Development (CPD) offered them to students completing a range of professional courses, such as genealogy and entrepreneurship.  From Fall 1, however, the School of Business and Technology and the Marketing department are delighted to announce that they will build upon the success of the badging scheme initiated by the CPD team and run a wider pilot program in a select group of courses over the Fall 1, Fall 2, and Spring 1 terms.

What are digital badges?

Digital badges indicate that an individual has earned a skill or demonstrated a competence and they can be displayed or shared on social media platforms, blogs, and elsewhere.  And while they are not intended to replace your diploma, they are a way of signifying to an employer that you have achieved certain skills and competencies that may help you in showing your readiness for a job or career, even if you haven’t yet completed your degree.

Commenting upon the benefits of digital badging to students, the Center for Professional Development’s digital badging project leader, Jeanine Glatfelter, commented that, “what I love about badges is the feeling of satisfaction after receiving a tangible reward for hard work. Badges are wonderful motivational tools. These days, students are looking for ways to display their academic achievements online – the traditional college transcript doesn’t meet this need.”

A Simple Way to Showcase Skills


Excelsior has collaborated with the digital badging platform, Credly, to offer the badges to our students.   And commenting on the simplicity of claiming and displaying the digital badges, Glatfelter explains that, “Credly badges are so easy to use! At the click of a button, students can post their badge to social media sites or display the badge on a personal blog or website. These micro-credentials are truly changing how students are able to showcase their skills and competencies to their peers and potential employers.”

Participating in the Badging Pilot


During the Fall 1, Fall 2, and Spring 1 terms, the School of Business and Technology will be running a digital badging pilot program in the following courses:

  • BUS 210 Writing in the Workplace;
  • IT 380 Overview of Computer Security;
  • ELEC 152 Circuit Theory 1;
  • IT 210 Object Oriented Programming;
  • BUS 430 Quantitative Methods;
  • BUS 341 Management Concepts and Applications;
  • BUS 452 Business Leadership.

What to Do If You Are in a Pilot Course

If you are an Excelsior student enrolled in one of these courses, you will receive further announcements during the following weeks, but in the meantime, we recommend that you complete the following steps:

  1. Excelsior College is using a digital badging platform called Credly, so you first need to create a profile for yourself on the Credly website:
  2. Click “Create Account” in the upper-right hand corner of the Credly
  3. Using the email address that you have on file with Excelsior College, please create an individual account for yourself. NB) It is important that you use the email address that you have on file with Excelsior College, otherwise this will cause problems later when the badge is issued to you.
  4. Then open your email inbox and verify your email account with Credly via the verification email that you will have received.
  5. If you are successful in achieving a badge for this course, then about 2 weeks after the course has concluded, you will see the badge under the ‘My Credit’ tab and in the inbox under that tab, you will see the badge waiting for you to accept.

Further instructions will follow in the weeks ahead, but now all that you need to do is create your Credly account, so that you are ready to receive a badge, if you are successful in receiving one.

Please note that to receive a badge at the completion of the course, you will need to achieve a grade of 85% or better.

We believe that this pilot program will help our students to effectively showcase their skills and competencies to the outside world and we are very excited about what this means for them.  If you have any questions about this digital badging pilot, please email Will Trevor,, or Tina Vasquez,, who will be pleased to give you more information.

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