Talking to your doctor: do I need to make that appointment?

Get the care you need while avoiding unnecessary doctor visits

Jane had what she later described to her friend as an “awkward” meeting with her physician today. And one that left her thinking about how to make the best use of her doctor’s time – and her own time – in the future.

Jane had met with her physician a couple of weeks earlier, and she had added a new medication to Jane’s regimen, after Jane had mentioned some new symptoms. As Jane was getting ready to leave her doctor’s office that day, her doctor had said to Jane, “We’ll see how the medication is working in a couple of weeks.” Jane had called that afternoon from home and made her next appointment.

Today, her physician had walked into the examining room and said: “What are you doing here?”

Her doctor had smiled when she said this, but Jane was still surprised at the question.

“I thought you wanted me to come in to see you again in two weeks,” Jane answered. “Isn’t that what you said?” Jane was feeling a little defensive at this point.

“Oh, I understand,” her doctor said. “I didn’t mean we needed to meet so soon.” Jane’s doctor also said: “I am super busy and it can be hard for patients who need to see me to get an appointment. And I am working with the insurance companies to avoid unnecessary appointments, which benefits everybody. I know you are busy person, too. So I’ll do my part in the future to communicate better.”

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