‘Threat Hunting’ Emerges as 2017 Cybersecurity Excellence Award Category

Sqrrl named “Winner” of first Cybersecurity Award for ‘Threat Hunting’

Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Sqrrl’s Threat Hunting Platform has been selected as the winner of a 2017 Cybersecurity Excellence Award. “Threat hunting has become a top of mind issue for security executives at many organizations” said Holger Schulze, the founder of LinkedIn’s 360,000-member Information Security Community, which organizes the annual Cybersecurity Excellence Awards. “The creation of this new category, ‘Threat Hunting’, comes based on the demand and interest in the marketplace”, he continued. Competing alongside products such as Exabeam and Endgame, Sqrrl was chosen based on the strength of the nomination and a popular vote by members of the Information Security community.

“The creation of this Cybersecurity Excellence Award highlights the critical importance of threat hunting,” said CEO Mark Terenzoni. “The fact that we were the first-ever company to win an award in the new threat hunting category is a recognition of Sqrrl’s thought and product leadership in this emerging space. We’re proud to be at the forefront of an industry that is empowering firms to take the fight to the adversary.”

According to a recent survey of over 330 security executives, nearly 80% said that threat hunting already is, or should be, a top-level initiative in 2017. “Tools such as Sqrrl’s Threat Hunting Platform, make it feasible for any organization to start proactively searching and weeding out threats in their network” said CEO Mark Terenzoni. The survey also revealed that Security Operations Centers (SOCs) deploying threat hunting platforms have reported substantial gains in their ability to detect and investigate threats.

Download the complete 2017 Threat Hunting Report here.

View Sqrrl’s nomination for 2017 Cybersecurity Excellence Award here.

About Sqrrl

Sqrrl is the threat hunting company that enables security analysts to discover advanced threats faster, and reduces the time and resources required to investigate them. Sqrrl’s industry-leading Threat Hunting Platform unites link analysis, advanced machine learning analytics, and multi-petabyte scalability capabilities into an integrated solution. Watch 2-minute Introduction and learn more at http://www.sqrrl.com

About Cybersecurity Excellence Awards

The 2017 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards recognize companies, products and individuals that demonstrate excellence, innovation and leadership in information security. The winners have been selected based on the strength of their nomination and the popular vote by members of the Information Security Community (both ratings and comments).

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Director of Marketing, Sqrrl

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