Two New Political Science Courses Premier on May 4

Two exciting new Political Science courses will premier with the start of the Summer I term on May 4: POL 390: The Rise of China and the Pacific Century and POL 320: The Geopolitics of Energy and Global Climate Change.  Check out these brief descriptions and find more information, including sample syllabi, through the Course Search on our website.  Speak to your advisor to see if POL 390 or POL 320 will fit with your degree plan.  Regular registration for the Summer I term is open until May 1.

POL 390POL390 The Rise of China and the Pacific Century:  a new course on a rising China which takes a serious look at Chinese economic and military growth in recent decades and explores the big questions of how well China is fitting into the crowded politics of the Pacific theater.  The Pacific theater is the world’s most important region, and while US dominance persists there, it appears less certain that it will continue, particularly given China’s determined approach to emerge as a global power.  Students will review theory and history related to rising powers, such as Imperial Germany before World War I, and explore contemporary economic and military relations among the leading states in the Asia-Pacific region.


POL 320POL 320 The Geopolitics of Energy and Global Climate Change:  a new course which focuses on the relationship between global energy use and the earth’s climate.  This course centers on the inherent political rivalry over different types of energy necessary to economic growth and military power projection.  The course also explores the necessary climate consequences of the world’s use of fossil fuels for economic and military purposes.  The course concludes with an assessment of the prospects for alternative energy and the leading actors seeking to change the energy-climate relationship, including those efforts by the US Navy and broader military community.

Ted Lehmann, Faculty Program Director, Social Sciences, School of Liberal Arts
Ted Lehmann, Faculty Program Director, Social Sciences,
School of Liberal Arts









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U.S. Air Force F-16A Fighting Falcon, F-15C Eagle and F-15E Strike Eagle fighter aircraft fly over burning oil field sites in Kuwait during Operation Desert Storm, 1991.  Retrieved from

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