Changes to Master’s Capstone Course Procedure

Effective with the spring 2015 trimester, you will no longer receive an invitation to begin working on the capstone paperwork or project before the actual course begins. Instead, you will receive course approval from an academic advisor to register as soon as you are eligible. Then, during the capstone course, your project will be approved and completed under the guidance of the course instructor.

What does this mean for you?

If You Complete All Phase II Courses You Take the Capstone Course
At the end of the summer 2014 trimester* spring 2015 trimester
During the fall 2014 trimester spring 2015 trimester
During the spring 2015 trimester summer 2015 trimester
During the summer 2015 trimester fall 2015 trimester

* If you are in this cohort, you may brainstorm capstone project ideas this fall, and consider possible project coordinators, but no formal invitation will be sent this fall. No paperwork or project work will be done until the course begins in January 2015.

Contact your academic advisor now to discuss your particular situation and your eligibility for the capstone.