You’re Back – What’s Next? Your Personal Pathway to a Career in Nursing

Men in nursingToday, the Center for Military Education at Excelsior College announced an upcoming webinar focused on educating prospective military and veteran students on the school’s nursing programs. The webinar, which is free and open to the general public, is part of the “You’re Back – What’s Next?” series geared towards returning veterans.

Per the Center for Military Education:

Did you know that your training and experience as a military corpsman can be a gateway into a rewarding career as a registered nurse? Today, more than 1,500 military personnel and veterans are pursuing an associate degree in nursing from Excelsior College’s accredited competency-based program that is delivered at a distance.

Join us for our next webinar to learn how you can join the more than 42,000 individuals – civilian and military – who have earned their associate degree from our School of Nursing, one of just 20 in the nation to have been designated a Center of Excellence in Nursing Education by the National League for Nursing.

The presentation will be led by Sandy DerGurahian, director of advisement and evaluation, and Chris Normile, academic advisor, from our School of Nursing, along with Judy Reed, director of veteran services and outreach for Excelsior’s Center for Military Education. Information on admission and degree requirements, an overview of the program including support services and study resources that are provided, and the role of academic advisors will all be covered.

Already an RN? We offer bachelor’s and master’s degree programs to help you take your career even further. These, too, are offered at a distance to meet your busy and sometimes unpredictable duty schedules.

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